Shirley – Visions of Reality

A Must See Movie! Edward Hopper is the ultimative american artist, an icon of modern art. His work influenced a lot of big directors like Wim Wenders or Alfred Hitchcock. In his pictures, he always catches a situation and we’re supposed to ask, what happened before or will be after that one moment? It’s the mystery of his work. And now the austrian director Gustav Deutsch had the brave idea and tries to give us an answer.


He rearranged 13 of Hoppers iconic pictures and creates the story of „Shirley“, an actress, and tells the story of the USA between the Great Depression of 1931 and the Riots in 1963.


Recreating great pictures may not be the newest idea in film history and the plot may not be that thrilling, but using Hoppers unique aesthetics of photorealism is pure eye-porn and a must-see for artlovers.


  • Genre: Drama Experimentalfilm
  • Regie: Gustav Deutsch
  • Cast: Florentin Groll, Christoph Bach, Stephanie Cumming

Shirley – Visions of Reality is in cinemas NOW