Simon Koy in Russia

Simon Koy is a traveling photographer from Munich, reporting and documenting around the world. Places and people he meets. For his latest series he was in Russia, a country he had heard a lot about and was rather surprised to experience. 
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“In September 2016 I traveled to Moscow and Saint Petersburg with my wife Olga, she´s  from Ukraine where I have been several times yet and really like it. For sure Russia is a big subject there and actually the opinion about the country is the worst, like everywhere else too. I wanted to make my own opinion and traveled there with my wife. We were surprised how friendly the people were and courteous. Even in Moscow which is famous for its push and shove society. But in fact I didn’t realize that. So I felt very comfortable in this huge cities and in the end I realized that prejudice is just made by politics and media. When you meet the people of a country it is always different. Like everywhere else.
But for sure we also noticed that there is influence by the government whereever you go, Magnets with Putin riding horses and small puppies in his hands or rockets and tanks for children to buy and rednecks in their track suits with Russia lettering etc.
Militarism everywhere you go, so actually you feel like in a dictatorship country. So, it was very interesting to see a country so full of contrast!”