Skyy Vodka presents its Diversity Campaign! Starring Eunique

One generation ahead & without thinking in stereotypes! Our partner in crime SKYY VODKA presents its Diversity Campaign! Starring Eunique and the one and only Berlin drag queen Jurassica Parka and the artist collective Quinto. How could a world look like, in which everyone is tolerant and can live open – regardless of prejudice against sexuality, gender or origin? A world in which everyday racism and intolerance no longer matter? 

SKYY Vodka has always been a proud supporter of particular social causes like everyday racism, disparaging and celebrating the diversity of a colorful society. The new campaign spot takes the viewer on a journey into a world free of prejudices and pre-made thinking. Have a look by yourself.

EINE GENERATION WEITER – #celebratediversityy

The main role in the film is embodied by the Hamburg rapper Eunique, who is currently also seen in the German drama series “4 Blocks” and specifically produced for the cooperation with SKYY Vodka the song “A Shot”. Berlin local hero Jurassika Parka hines in her role as Späti owner as well as a bartender.

Jurassika Parka

The 60-second commercial was created in collaboration with Tobias Stubbe and Hyperbole TV, who have made a name for themselves with formats such as DISSLIKE, Frag ein Cliché and GERMANIA.


SKYY Vodka was developed as a premium spirit drink that should reinterpret and shape the entire vodka category. From the purist, cobalt blue bottle design, which deliberately with the established vodka traditions Russia and Eastern Europe is breaking down, to innovative lifestyle campaigns. SKYY Vodka has always set itself the task of challenging existing conventions through progressive and fresh thinking. And also with the Initiative “EINE GENERATION WEITER” SKYY Vodka follows this pioneering spirit and presents itself with commitment and dedication open to socially critical issues.