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Sophiensæle presents Lois Alexander – Yeye

#SaveTheDate – Berlin, October 22- 25, 2022 – October 24 – BiPoc-only! Choreographer and performer Lois Alexander explores the afterlife of slavery and the reverberations in our present. What are the temporalities of a racialized body, one that is marked by visible and invisible wounds? What can be healing?

Yeye by Kimani Schumann

How can we use performance to practice strategies of refusal and resistance? Lois Alexander creates her own language by blending personal narrative, historicity and spirituality: Multi-layered tensions become palpable through the touching of, sensing with and remembering through different materials, such as textiles and sound. Moving through different levels of video, text and performance, Yeye is a deep reckoning of a modern era that is entangled with colonial histories, mothers and the ocean.

*The show on October 24 is exclusively for people who position themselves as BIPOC. BIPOC is an abbreviation for Black, Indigenous and People of Color, i.e. people affected by racism or anti-Semitism, including Black, Indigenous, (post-)migrant people as well as Sinti*zze, Rom*nja, Jews, Latino/a/x, East/South Asian, Hawaiian and Pacific Islander. etc.

Yeye by Kimani Schumann
Yeye by Kimani Schumann

Lois Alexander


October 22 | 20.00 h
October 23 | 18.00 h
October 24 | 20.00 h | BIPOC-only*
October 25 | 20.00 h
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