SORT SOL – Crowdfunding Campaign

Support the artist – The Crowdfunding Campaign for the new short film SORT SOL. 2083. The world is digital and charmless. And suddenly a wolf stands before you. Sort Sol is about a person who finds a way to return to his own nature, in a society that has moved farther and farther away from nature. Into his uniform, desolate, unloving world comes a wolf who threatens and persecutes him. It is only when the men’s threat becomes greater than fear of the wolf that he begins to understand that nature is not working against but working with him.

“Thanks so much to all the people who donated for our new project so far. This encourages us to continue working 24/7 for our new film. The campaign is still running! So if you can spare a penny or two please support us. Every donation helps us attain our goal and realise our pet project!”

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