St. Petersburg! 27.07 –29.07.18 – Present Perfect Festival

The St. Petersburg music and arts festival brings Larry Heard, Anastasia Kristensen, Nina Kraviz, DMX Krew and Objekt to the new waterfront location this July. On July 27th, the fourth Present Perfect Festival is going to be held. Carrying a well-deserved status as one of the most influential musical events in Russia – it will hit Saint Petersburg summer 2018!

This year the festival takes place right by the sea, on the Vasilievsky island at the most interesting new venue of the city – “Port Sevkavel”. Its program includes an educational block, dedicated to musical culture, a series of pre-parties, an opening concert with two world legends, a substantial main rave event and a closing party on Sunday.

WHAT? Present Perfect Festival
WHERE? Port Sevcabel Kojevennaya 40, Saint-Petersburg , Russia
WHEN? July 27 – 29

The festival line-up is traditionally impressive and is riddled with the names of worldwide famous and niche musicians. This year you have a chance to see more than 40 remarkable artists, among them there are:

Roy Ayers – live (US)
一 Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers – live (US)
一 Nina Kraviz (RU)一 Aux 88 – live (US)
— Anastasia Kristensen (DK)
一 Blawan (UK)
— Baba Stiltz (SE)
一 Broken English Club – live (UK) 
— Damiano von Erckert (DE)
一 DMX Krew – live (UK)
— Dolan Bergin (UK)
一 Ellen Allien (DE)
— Galaxian – live (UK)
一 Hessle Audio (UK)
— Imatran Voima – live (FIN)
— Jus Ed (US)
一 Lena Willikens (DE)
一 Matias Aguayo (DE)
一 Marcellus Pittman (US)
一 Move D (DE)
— Mesak – live (FIN)
一 Moscoman – live band (IS)
一 Objekt (DE)
一 Pearson Sound (UK)
一 Pangaea (UK)
一 Ron Morelli (US)
— Telfort (UK)— Bogdan (RU)
— DJ 1985 (RU)
— El (RU)
— Eostra (RU)
— Hoopa (RU)
— Kito Jempere (RU)
— Lipelis (RU)
— Lluck (RU)
— Mashkov (RU)
— Module Werk (RU)
一 Nocow – live (RU)
— Simple Symmetry (RU)
— Shutta (RU)
— Timofey (RU)

The list is yet to be expanded!


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