Starving Artists Fund – Camel Light ‘19

#Campaign – May I introduce you to Starving Artists Fund?! A gender-neutral brand based in Auckland, New Zealand! CAMEL LIGHT’ is a capsule collection inspired by hedonists and pleasure seekers. Softly exploring the social tendencies of creative people and their attraction to excess- drinking, partying, sexual endeavours and Friday FOMO. Often skirting the line between a thirst for life and a coping mechanism.

Described by a friend of the brand as, “The Nanny meets Trainspotting”, while one of our models put it- “I went from being Kim Kardashian one minute to a Berlin techno boy the next.” The fierce individuality of every piece is treated like a character, armed with ample flourishes of anarchy.

Subverting notions of bad taste- tiger print, tailored suits with too short sleeves and too short shorts, high low combinations of fabrics from the finest silk jacquards and Japanese denim to sports mesh.

Designer Natasha Ovely embraces her position as a ‘cultural outsider’ due to her nomadic childhood and aims to create reactionary collections that respond to our times.

We are a socially conscious, gender neutral clothing brand. All our clothing is ethically made and locally produced in Auckland, New Zealand. We adopt a sustainable approach to making and stand behind the slow fashion movement.

Starving Artists Fund cultivates the culture of ‘radical inclusivity’ by celebrating individuality, body positivity, diversity, and non-binary perspectives. We prioritise originality in design and aim to create reactionary collections that respond to our times.

Throughout her life, Natasha Ovely has lived in cultures across Asia, the Middle East, New Zealand and Europe. From a young age, she observed clothing in different contexts and their impact on perception.

A vivid image from her childhood includes that of her mother dressed in an abaya in Saudi Arabia while wearing high waisted jeans and a crop top underneath. These experiences evoked an interest in the way fashion shaped value systems, psychology, cultural identity and forms of protest.

Her approach to fashion design is deeply rooted in her Fine Art Sculpture background. She embraces her position as a ‘cultural outsider’ and applies it to her design.

Self-taught in fashion design, she established Starving Artists Fund in 2018.

Clothing by Starving Artists Fund / / Instagram: @starvingartistsfund
Photography by Oliver Spencer / Instagram: @oli.spencer @film_lad
Make up by Nakita Samuel Instagram: @killa_keet

Oscar Bannan for N management / Instagram: @o2k7r
Lincoln Van Vught / Instagram: @lincolnvanvught
Marie Camare / Instagram: @littlepicsof
Chloe Manickum / Instragram @usplaces_