„Station to station“ by Doug Aitken (2015)

A funky collage of everything creative people do nowadays. In 2013 Dough Aitken started a big and most gorgeous project: in 24 days the Mystery Train drives from the westcoast to the eastcoast of the USA and stops at 10 spots. At every spot artists and dancers perform.

e38635b8-a8dc-4835-bf1a-fd46d0286239-460x775Every of those happenings are portrayed for 60 seconds. So this movie became a huge kaleidoscope of the modern creative scene in the world.

Well, we shouldn’t forget, that a big deal with Levi’s made this journey possible. They shot a lot of mood films, so if you’ve been there, your face may be in a spot. But still: artists like Urs Fisher built a room and musicians like Patti Smith performed.

The money they earned they spent the seven partner museums, which realized this project.