Stonewall – Trailer In Theaters September 25

It’s been a tiny sensation when Roland Emmerich remembered his roots and announced his work on „Stonewall“: The story of the gay riots against the governmental pressure and homophobia in New York on June 28 1969.

And now we are allowed to see the first scenes and everything looks sparkly and bloody, the people are  loud and angry and there’s a lot of violence. And the cute main character who’s channeling his pride and needs to break the heart of a drag queen, because „he likes to be a man“.

And that’s were the problems start: why does Emmerich create a fictional character? The Stonewall riots happened. They were real and there were real persons who fought for gay rights and their support. Drag Queens, for example Marsha P. Johnson, were a huge motor and and seems that they’re not even mentioned in this movie.


A lot of comments at the social media are aghast: We would never replace Martin Luther King jr. in a movie about the black riots.

stonewall-roland-emmerich-2015-trailer-bild-newsWell, Roland Emmerich. I’m more than disappointed. Seems like you’re not interested in honoring the real activists, who fought for your cosy gay environment, you’re just creating a heart-warming story for the money. That you will earn for sure.

The movie’s premiere will be at the Toronto Film Festival in September.