Strichka Festival 2024: A Tapestry of Electronic Sounds and Artistic Vision

Amid the echoes of a decade, the Strichka Festival, celebrated in the historic Strichka Factory, continues to weave its narrative of sound and spirit in challenging times. This year’s theme, “Fragments”, channels the collective memory into a bold tapestry of experiences. Offering a dynamic melange of electronic music, the festival splits its essence across seven uniquely conceptualized stages with a roster of about fifty artists, featuring international luminaries like Ben Frost and emerging Ukrainian talents like Foa Hoka.

May 18-19 | Strichka Factory

The festival’s iconic backdrop of industrial aesthetics is filled anew with progressive soundscapes, vibrant art installations by leading Ukrainian artists such as Oleksiy Say, and immersive lighting.

Lineup Highlights:

  • Ben Frost (Iceland) – Live
  • Vân Anh (Holland) – DJ Set
  • Rouge Mecanique (France) – Live
  • Charlotte Benediks (Norway) – DJ Set
  • Local Legends: Foa Hoka – Theatrical musical performance

Art Program:
Engage with soul-stirring installations themed around “Fragments” curated by renowned artists and the creative team BLCK BOX.

From the main amphitheatre of Dvir to the intimate settings of Otel’, each space promises its distinct acoustic and aesthetic pleasure.

General Info:

  • Dates: May 18 (16:00-22:30), May 19 (9:00-22:30)
  • Features: Food court, merchandise, mesmerizing visuals
  • Tickets: Available online for 1750 UAH with limited availability at the gate.

In the spirit of renewal and remembrance, the Strichka Festival promises an unforgettable weekend where every moment is a fragment of the larger mosaic of contemporary culture.

Connect: @strichka_festival