Subterranean homesick alien by Iwona Aleksandrowicz

Subterranean homesick (inspired by Radiohead) was created in January this year in Berlin. It joined truly international forces: Iwona Aleksandrowicz, a photographer from Poland. She is self-taught in terms of the technique of shooting with analog cameras as well as developing the pictures in the traditional darkroom. This photo session was also created by the talented designer Charlie Mintson, the amazing makeup artist Namie Nguyen and models Maia Mei and Uchenna Jonas ambrace all to homogeneous substance. 
The session deals with longing, love and a sense of alienation.

Photograhy by Iwona Aleksandrowicz
Instagram: @iwona.aleksandrowicz
Style & costumes by Charlie Mintson
Instagram: @charlie_mintson
Makeup & hair by Namie Nguyen
Instagram: @_namie.makeup_
Models are Maja Mei & Uchenna Jonas
Instagram: @uchi.verse