Suit or Sweater: What to Wear on the First Date?

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With all the advantages of online dating you’ve almost forgotten about the offline dates. When you chat with some beauty on, you think about how wonderful it would be to see her for the first time on your offline date. But that’s where online dating tricks you. You see the pictures of beautiful women on your dating app, and you wonder whether she is that beautiful in reality. Unfortunately, you don’t think about the way you would look on your first offline date.

You’ve definitely think that, come on, women don’t care for men’s appearances. But you are ultimately wrong, they do. And while you think that you have put her under your spell with your words, the image that you have created maybe absolutely spoiled by your appearance on your first date.

Everything above-mentioned can easily make you feel confused. So, should you dress casually or more official on your first offline date? Should you wear suit and tie or should you wear sweater and jeans? Well, it depends on the type of date that you are about to have. Actually, there are two types of dates and you can pick what to wear according to those types. So, let’s check out those two types of dates and what to wear on them without further ado.

Dinner Date

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If you want to wear a suit that much, then dinner dates is your thing. But everything depends on the setting. The dinner dates require a jacket, but not necessarily a suit. For example, if you need to go out during the day and you would have no time to go back home and change you need to look for something more casual. A sport jacket or a blazer jacket would do just fine. The best thing about jackets is that they provide you with pockets that are quite important for carrying your first date supplies. Of course, you can dismiss everything above mentioned as something too old-fashioned. You can think that you would look like an idiot in jacket or be the only person wearing one, but mind that a jacket would help you look more masculine and respectable. Moreover, jackets have another wonderful option – when it is too hot or the date turns out to be less official than expected, you can easily take your jacket off.

Another situation when a suit is inevitable is when you are having an event dates. In other words, if you go to the theatre or to the concert on your first date. In the case like that, you should find a good suit and wear it with a clean and well-pressed shirt and tie. Mind that you can slip the tie off when you for drinks afterwards.

Casual Dates

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Casual dates, especially those that include outdoor activities allow you to wear a relaxed casual outfit. But mind that your outfit shouldn’t be a sloppy one. Just because you may engage in some sporting activity on your date, it doesn’t mean that you can wear a tattered or dated outfit. You should stay away from clothes that would make you look like you didn’t put any effort into picking up the outfit for a date. It means that you should forget about working jumpsuits, sweatpants and athletic paints. Wear a dark-wash jeans of black or deep indigo colour. You can easily pair it with anything from short-sleeved shirt to a sweater or a sports jacket.

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