Synästhesie III Festival – 15 Years 8MM

Gearing up to celebrate its 15th birthday with a week packed full of musical events starting from the 15th of November, cumulating to the Synäthesie Festival, is Berlin’s infamous bar and label 8MM. For 15 years 8MM has supported and brought an uncompromising musical vision to Prenzlauer Berg. Its crowning achievement – the Synästhesie Festival – offers more than just a concert for music lovers. It provides an impeccably curated program of experimental Krautrock, new wave, and garage rock and is accompanied with the bar’s signature visual imagery to boot. This years event is being held in conjunction with the 15th Anniversary of the bar at the Volksbühne, a few hundred meters from where 8MM began. Synästhesie III offers an international lineup of bands that represent the labels aesthetic of contemporary music inspired by german experimental music of the late 60s & early 70s. A living history of music that has gone against mainstream music trends.

This years lineup include contemporary post punk & new wave standouts The
, presenting their new album “V”, as well as their first Berlin show since 2014.

The album proceeds the first single ‘Machine’ which sees the group at their majestic, imperial best. Although the ten tracks on the album are so diverse that when the final song and new single ‘Something To Remember Me By’ appears channeling dance, trance and 80s pop genres. It feels like both the most natural thing in the musical world and also the most surprising. ‘V’ shows the group at the peak of their powers, exhibiting a freedom and sense of exploration that feels truly liberating.

Next up joining The Horrors at SYNÄSTHESIE III are legendary Tangerine Dream

from the critically acclaimed PINS, and Berlin’s own krautrock inspired legends Camera. Followed by Istanbul’s kraut-new wave pioneers Jakuzi

and the Berlin based Reykjavik -Tel Aviv garage rock trio Balagan.

And last but not least, Anton Newcombe of Brian Jonestown Massacre spins some tunes on the decks.

After selling out last years festival with a non-nonsense lineup of Michael Rother, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Tess Parks and the The Warlocks, in the cavernous ruins of the Musikbrauerei in Prenzlauer Berg. This year the one day festival takes place on November 19th on 2 stages at the epic Volksbühne.

To accompany Synästhesie Festival, 8MM Musik will also be releasing a 15 years Anniversary compilation. This 15 year compilation, which has a release date of the 13th of November, marks the 3rd compilation by 8MM Bar. Founded by Alexus Remzi Konuk, 8MM Bar has long been a hub of original and independent music. Having shared a unique shared history with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Kadavar, Camera, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Gurr, Camera, The Blue Angel Lounge, Snøffeltøffs, Sun and The Wolf, and now Jawbones and Rán.

Rán is the new band from Laura Landergott (Ja, Panik + Christiane Rösinger) and Yaer Karelic. The Rán Ep sees its release on 8MM Musik on the 13th of November along with the labels anniversary special.

Vinyl Tracklist:
Camera: The Weather is Better but the Sun is Gone
LeVent: Lighter Thief
The Underground Youth: You Made it Baby
Maraudeur: Scorpio
Gunman & The Holy Ghost: Broken Mirrors
RÁN: Hunt Like Lions
Balagan: Aggressive
Gurr: Moby Dick
Aporia: Stereo Moon
Jawbones: Disorder in Space and Time
Odd Couple: Go Sees
Full Moon Fiasco: Summer Eyes

Mittwoch 15.11 Release Party: 15 Years 8MM (Limited Vinyl Compilation)
featuring Camera, Gurr, The Underground Youth,
JAWBONES, LeVent, RÁN, Balagan, Maraudeur, Aporia,
Gunman and The Holy Ghost, Odd Couple, Full Moon Fiasco
Donnerstag 16.11 RÁN “Hunt Like Lions” – EP Release party
at Acud Macht Neu with Afterparty at 8MM Bar
Freitag 17.11 Synästhesie Festival Warm-up 1: Can Tribute Night
with Joe Dilworth – Live: Glyders (Chicago) at 8MM Bar
Samstag 18.11 Synästhesie Warm-up 2: Gunman & The Holy Ghost + Aporia
= Live at 8MM Bar
Sonntag 19.11 Synästhesie III @ Volksbühne
With The Horrors, TANGERINE DREAM, Camera, PINS,
Jakuzi (TR), Balagan (IS/ISL) and more..
DJ Anton Newcombe (The Brian Jonestown Massacre), olli 8MM, Oscar Valentine & Peter
Afterparty @ 8MM Bar – Guest DJs: PINS
Venues: 8MM Bar -Schönhauser Allee 177 b
Volksbühne Berlin am Rosa Luxemburg Platz
ACUD MACHT NEU – Veteranenstr.21






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