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SZCZESNY – The NIGHT HORSE 03/2016 Campaign

The latest photoshoot of SZCZESNY brand is an image campaign of the NIGHT HORSE 03/2016 collection. The photos taken by Łukasz Dziewic received the retro character thanks to the photographer. The climate of the photos is kept in the style of the 90’s (an effect of the analog images and a soft light). The materials used in the collection like a metallic leather and a soft knitwear are emphasized by the effect. Stylist: Matthew Kołtunowicz Hair: Kamil Pecka / Jaga Hupało Born To Create Makeup: Kamila Jankowska. Models: Iga Lechowicz / Venti Models, Janek Bartenbach.

The SZCZESNY brand was founded by Damian Szczesny in 2014 after graduation from the International School of Costume and Fashion Design in Warsaw. The brand recognition gained through a backpack called “paper bag“, which was a part of one fashion figures silhouette in his diploma collection. The backpack inspired by a closing of a breakfast paper bag is available in several colors and materials. In addition to the flagship model made of nubuck there are also limited editions, for example made of golden leather or orthalon. The SZCZESNY brand make mainly clothes and accessories for women. The designer attaches a great attention to a quality of finish, the hand-made details, a high quality of materials and the original patterns. The individual clothing items show a craft and an artistry, however, maintain their functionality, uniqueness and originality. The hand-made elements of the collection are often in single copies. The accessories are available for a wide audience. They correlate with the clothes, reflect the vision and are fully coherent with the whole collection.

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The NIGHT HORSE 03/2016 collection draws inspiration from horse riding, equestrian equipment, abandoned funfairs and their architecture. The buildings covered with patina, the cry of loneliness after previous din. The silhouette have scaled proportions. In the collection were used several materials: wool, tweed, leather, faux fur, knitwear, cotton. This is women’s collection, which is complemented by a few male figures. Black, yellow, cobalt are the key colors. The collection includes hand-knit sweaters and details such as tassels, ribbons, beads, cut. The complementary accessories of the stylization (are the backpack and its miniature in a form of sachets on a belt.

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The premiere of the collection took place during Fashion Philosophy Fashion Week Poland XIV.

ig: szcz_esny