T(ex)T by Nikos Stamatopoulos

Born in Sparta in 1986, Nikos Stamatopoulos moved to Athens at the age of 18 to study acting. In 2012, when he moved from Athens, his artistic focus moved away from acting while still utilising his body and his ability to challenge ideals as he started taking photos. His style evolved as he moved between London, Santorini, Singapore, Bali, and Rotterdam, with a central theme of pushing boundaries, pulling inspiration from vintage porn. Nikos has gained a large following in the queer community for his provocative snapshots that play on colour, spontaneity, and often erotic content in cheeky context.

This series, called T(ex)t is inspired by texts and messages with ex-lovers, each photo being a tribute to a different guy.  In a world with faceless and cliche communication, where our comfort zone is the impersonal, I feel these images tell a story we’ve all heard before.  And we will all hear them again.

Instagram: @likeavirginoh