T|G Botanical Fall/Winter 2022

#StandWithUkraine – T|G Botanical FW22 collection takes its roots in the earth. The designer of the brand – Tatiana Chumak – uses innovative techniques to produce plant-based biodegradable textiles for the collection. @tg.brand

To make the production process as natural as possible T|G Botanical uses dyes for their textiles derived from local raw materials. These include experimental dying with madder root, acorn decoction and onion peel. The result is an earthy palette of beautifully faded terracotta, pink, lilac, brown and stone grey.

The colouring is intentionally impure and with time will be fading more from exposure to sunlight and the external environment, which highlights the natural origin of each piece.

Speaking of textiles, this season T|G Botanical uses already known organic cotton and linen but complements it with materials made of local plants and herbs, such as nettle and hemp. The latter is used for making 100% plant-based fur.

The collection consists of comfortable knitted trousers, tops and cardigans, trench coats, hemp fur jackets and other wardrobe staples, which could replace less environmentally friendly alternatives.
Tatiana Chumak considers her creations to be “live clothing”, which makes its way from the moment the first sprouts appear on the moist soil of Ukrainian fields to the finished garment in the studio.

The designer aims to embody this specific connection to the earth in each produced piece to let the wearer feel the sensation of the embrace with the purest nature.

Unfortunately, the business of the designer Tetyana Chumak was deeply affected by the Russian invasion. During the latest months, her family fields planted in the Kyiv region for producing fabrics for the brand were burnt down due to this awful war. However, Tetyana is focusing her efforts on keeping her workers and their families safe and uses all available means to help with their relocation and maintain their jobs.

As the tensions around Kyiv eased up, Tetyana and TG botanical team are planning to resupply and resume its production capacities and also take part in the upcoming Copenhagen Fashion Week.