The 11th FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland

Backstage, guests and vibes! “Lights! Models! Guest list! Just do your best, darling.”! I am just back from an amazing 11th edition of FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland. The fashion event took place in the wonderful city Łodz. From the 22-26.10.2014. It was really a fashion event. I have seen some great and outstanding collection for the next spring and summer season in 2015. Here are some photos from Poland. Backstage, guests and vibes.. all photos by my friends Adriana and Mike Van Der Ent Pasarella allias Pasarella Photography.


A big thanks also to Dorota, Magda, Kuba, Gabriella, Tiago, Dash Magazine, Phillipe, Nuno Gama, Fatima, Branco and Laurens, Adriana, Mike and Alberto for some great days.


Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_015 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_013 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_012 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_011 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_009 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_006 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_005 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_004 Backstage_Pasarella_PFWSS15_003

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is the biggest event of international fashion organized in Poland. This event attracts both artists, traders and the media.


The purpose of Fashion Week Poland is the promotion of Polish designers at home and abroad and build lasting business relationships between the participants of the event. FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland is a project organized in cooperation with the City of Lodz.



all photos by Mike and Adriana Van Der Ent Pasarella

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