The 12th Pornfilmfestival Berlin: 24th – 29th October 2017

Berlin, save the date! A festival that blasts conventions. Berlin’s most unusual film festival is back in its 12th edition, doing away with familiar conceptions of morality, bourgeois mentality, gender norms and shame. Innearly 150 cinematic entries from countries like Japan, Brazil, China, South Korea, Argentina, Australia, the USA, Mexico and Thailand, sexualities of all varieties are thrown together – ranging from female emancipation in the conflicted area of orthodox religion in the – Indian Lipstick Under My Burkha – to a feminist examination of women’s sexuality at all ages in the Spanish – Ages of Sex – to a gay journey of discovery of a Japanese man in – Berlin in Berlin Drifters.


This year the festival opens on a Tuesday – extending the festival by one day –with French feminist porn director and frequent guest of the festival, Ovidie’s Les Prédatrices. In this first-class sex film, a group of self-confident, uninhibited, sex-hungry women go wherever their sexuality takes them. As with every year, thefestival attempts to have at least half of the entries be from a feminist perspective. The female point of view on sexuality, as well as on societal power relations andgender norms, is always one of the central themes of the festival. To that effect wehave Ovidie’s second entry to the festival, Pornocracy, her first documentary film,in which she pursues questions of structures, power and income relations in theworld of online porn platforms.

Icons in the program:
Cicciolina, Tom of Finland, Brent Corrigan und Jayne Mansfield

The Porn Film Festival honors the icons of erotic film and sexual liberation. The festival offers a diverse selection of biopics and documentaries on pioneers of the erotic field, pioneers like Italian superstar, ex-porn actress and politician La Cicciolinain an eponymous film. The smashing career of Brent Corrigan (b. 1986) takes center stage in the star-studded biopic King Cobra with James Franco and Christian Slater. As an homage to the star, the PFF is also showing Brent Corrigan’s Heatfrom 2010. The truth about busty actress and embodiment of the “dumb blonde” Jayne Mansfield is brought to light in the film Mansfield 66/67and at the same time challenges our perception of women behind the clichés of “sex icon” –clichés that didn’t fit Jayne Mansfield at all. And in Tom of Finland, a memorial is enshrined to the inconspicuous Finnish illustrator Touko Laaksonen (1920-1991) – the man behind today’s image of the gay leather daddy with a picture-perfect physique and knock-out sex appeal.

The festival ends with the Spanish film that’s already a cult hit: Pieles, a tale of people with orifices and genitalia in completely unexpected places and physical sensitivities and peculiarities that have never before been seen in film.

15 short film programs:
From politics to local color

Especially beloved by the always colorfully mixed hetero, homo and trans festival audience are the short film programs. Over 100 short films across 15 sections like“Political Porn”, “Berlin Porn”, “Gay Porn”, “Experimental Porn”, “Lesbian Porn”,“Trans + Queer Porn”, “Female Porn”, “Fetish Porn”as well as the beloved “first-timer program”“Fun Porn”, show everything from ambitious Berlin filmmakers, to political approaches in porn in which Donald Trump plays a role, to new fetishes that even astonish the four festival curators after all these years.

Green Velvet

– 27 feature films, 8 documentary films, 102 short films in 15 programs
– 2 Filmmakers in Focus: Chelsea Poe and Ben Berlin,
2 Performers in Focus: Lina Bembe and Bishop Black
– Special programs: House O’Chicks (feminist porn label from San Francisco), a retrospective with guest Dorrie Lane and music clips from Mexico
– Retrospective: Ecstasy & Desire: Tatsumi Kumashiro and the Roman Porno in cooperation with Japan Foundation Tokyo and the Japanese Culture Institute Cologne
– 2 talks with film clips: The Feministing of Tentacle Porn
Fuck the Fascism: Conspiracy Gathering
– 5 performances, multiple workshops as well as an exhibition in Kino Moviemento and Galerie Somos

Who Will Fuck Daddy

Festival venues:
Films and discussions/lectures: Moviemento Kino , Kottbusser Damm 22, Berlin-Kreuzberg, all three cinemas
Spektrum, Bürknerstr. 12, (barrierefrei), Berlin-Neukölln
Altes Finanzamt, Schönstedtstraße 7, Berlin-Neukölln
Opening Lounge:
Tuesday, October 24, 2017, from 22:30, Spektrum
Festival Lounge: Wed-Fri, October 25-27, from 22:00, Ficken 3000 , Berlin- Neukölln, Urbanstr. 70, free entry
Closing night and award ceremony: Sunday, October 29, 23:00, Monarch Bar, Skalitzer Str. 134, Berlin-Kreuzberg, free entry

While the Unicorn is Watching me

Ticket presales (at Moviemento and online) begin on: October 1, 2017

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