The 5 Best Darkwave Songs According to Moscow/Berlin Duo Låska

Oksana and Dmitry Ivashinin are two producers heavily inspired by the 80’s synthwave scene and begun a fresh project called Låska, existing between both Moscow and Berlin. It’s quite easy to visualize and understand the inspiring force of Moscow’s industrial landscapes through the duo’s sonic atmosphere. The A main motivation for the two to create is to “make a soundtrack that depicts the moods of the young here, angry, isolated and ready to dance”. We asked the duo to share their top five synth bangers.

Previously, the producers made synth-pop under the band Magnetic Poetry, where the inspiration came from a much happier place. With their latest single, “Feelings, Emotions”, you can truly feel the darker, tangible emotional shift. Oksana shares, “It’s about suppressed emotions that sometimes come out as the storm on the calm sea. We had a vision of running against the traffic towards the sunrise or dancing at the rageous rave and not being able to tell one feeling from the other.”

We asked the duo to share their top five synth bangers that inspired this masterpiece.

Lebanon Hanover – ‘Ice Cave’

“2012 was such a great year for synth music! This song has a perfectly rendered feeling of isolation and cold.”

Cosmetics – ‘Black Leather Gloves’

“[This is] also a contemporary song with a great DIY feeling and perfect – we mean perfect – pulsing bass.”

Oppenheimer Analysis – ‘Cold War’

“OA is the ultimate inspiration fallen for the bass line too, and the fashion sense, of course.”

De Ambassade – ‘Wat voel je nou’

“This one has awesome repetitive drum line that almost puts you to hypnosis and the vocals are just so perfectly sad and alienated.”

Bioconstructor – ‘Bioconstructor’

“This is Soviet synth band inspired by Depeche but with awesome Russian lyrics and Soviet aesthetics, for instance, they sing about Bureaucrats and Aesthetes.”