The Inner Circle: It’s not elitist, it’s dating for the ambitious and life-loving

With the winter at our doorstep, those of us who are single should be ready to mingle! What would make that X-mas picture perfect, is having someone special to share your hot chocolate with. But your Tinder-date from around the corner doesn’t even know how to warm up that chocolate milk? Enter The Inner Circle – a dating app that provides a far less tiresome process of swiping left or right. Actually, they do all the work for you to make sure you only match with other like-minded, attractive and inspiring singles in Berlin.

This means that all applications to the platform are manually screened, taking into account someone’s gender, education, background, job and social status. The idea may come off as elitist, but trust when we say: it’s not. Quality matters and, whilst most apps focus on quantity, The Inner Circle simply whittles down your introductions to people with similar interests and backgrounds as you – prospective partners with whom you share the things you love and love to do.


The Inner Circle app, especially the new iOS 2.0, pretty much has all the benefits of other popular dating apps like swiping around, location search and selectivity. It offers, however, more straightforward connecting where you can just write a person a message if you really like the person, instead of waiting for a right match after 1000’s of swipes or likes.

As well as meeting online, The Inner Circle organizes events for their (single) members as an opportunity to meet offline, have a drink and dance the night aways at exclusive venues in metropolitains such as Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York City, and now also Berlin! From all night weekend parties to casual after-work drinks, and from private dinner events to theatrical extravaganza. This is the time when ambitious and affluent members between the ages of 20 and 45 years with mutual interests meet up IRL to see if they are a match.


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