The Prodigy: The Night Is My Friend – Vinyl Giveaway

We’re excited to announce that we have an exclusive The Night Is My Friend EP on vinyl to give away to a lucky reader! Following on from their 6th consecutive number 1 album, The Prodigy present their newest unique installment of techno, rave, big beat, jungle, acid house, punk and drum ‘n’ bass in the form of the five-tracked EP. They are the undisputed superstars of the British club culture, which you can enjoy personally during Christmas this year by emailing to win the EP!

1. Get Your Fight On (Re Eq)
2. Awol (Strike One)
3. Rhythm Bomb (Edit)
4. Rebel Radio (René La Vice’s Start A Fucking Riot Remix)
5. The Day Is My Enemy (Caspa Remix)

‘Nasty’ live in Moscow, Russia