Starting this season Carhartt WIP is partnering with Kixbox, who first brought streetwear labels from Europe, America, and Japan to Russia in 2006 with the opening of their first shop. Since then we’re happy to report they’ve grown as the authority
on covetable brands in Russia. To celebrate the new relationship Carhartt WIP collaborated with Kixbox and photographer Leonid Sorokin on a series showcasing Carhartt WIP’s Fall/Winter range.

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The shoot took place at the Young Pioneers Palace in Moscow, a youth club designated for the creative work, sports training, and extracurricular activities of children. Centers like these originated in the Soviet Union 
and after the collapse of the regime were transformed into depoliticized establishments. Yet they’ve managed to retain much of their stately appearance.

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Amongst a landscaped park complex of lowrise buildings, the one in Moscow stands as monument of post-war modernism and a tribute to Soviet architecture. Commanding, sculptural, and embellished with contemporary murals, it is a small oasis against the backdrop of a muted city. Now, they turn our attention to the East.


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