THE WHITE BOOK by Jonathan Icher

The White Book is a new photographic serie by photographer Jonathan Icher. The serie interprets the illustrations of Jean Cocteau’s book of the same name. The book, published in 1928, is about the discovery of the author’s homosexuality, although he never admitted authorship of this work. Yet, the second edition of the book contains illustrations by Jean Cocteau, which Jonathan Icher used as inspirations for creating his artworks. For this project, Jonathan worked with Ryûq Qiddo, Matthieu Reboul, François Sagat, Arthur Gillet and Florian.

Model is Ryûq Qiddo

“I was struck by how these illustrations of hybrid lovers reminded me of my own photographic work dealing with the human body and its metamorphosis. Both erotic and troubling, they depict male fantasies of our time, in a tangle of bodies sometimes unidentifiable. They can be interpreted as a romantic idyll, as much as an erotic struggle, or, on the contrary, as an introspection.”

Model is Matthieu Reboul

Model is François Sagat

Model is Arthur Gillet

Model is Florian


Photos : Jonathan Icher @jonathanicher
Illustrations : Jean Cocteau
Assistance : Ryûq Qiddo @ryuq.qiddo
Models : Ryûq Qiddo @ryuq.qiddoMatthieu Reboul @mattrebproFrançois Sagat @francoissagat, Arthur Gillet @arthurouge, Florian @fkfbrln