#TheLawOfTheRed by RED HOT and #TheKrag

It is time for the Red Hot Men to make the rules. When Thomas Knights calls his RED HOT army to action, it means there is something major about to happen. This time Ken Bek and Grace Gray, the cover models of the Boys and Girls 2016 RED HOT calendars, followed by Tom Brady, member of the Great Britain Olympic Team, Jake Hold and Emilia Sz, teamed up for #TheLawOfTheRed by #TheKrag campaign.

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#TheKrag is London’s new electrifying fashion and lifestyle brand for men, founded by Magdalena Dudarska and Frederick Szydlowski, two young, creative entrepreneurs, who decided to set new determinants of being a stylish, successful and inspirational individual.

#TheKrag above all is a philosophy of leadership. It embraces values and characteristics that the most audacious, influential and world-changing men share’ – explained Frederick. After selling out their first, made to measure, collection to likes of David Gandy, Hugo Taylor or Arjun Seth, #TheKrag has prepared a very special, limited ready to wear line called #TheLawOfTheRed, which is a collaboration with Thomas Knights and the RED HOT project. The collection consists of four hand tailored #TheKrag shirts, which due to their choice of fabrics, leather finishes and design, have become something more than a classic shirt. Using the highest quality English mixes of wool and silk, Italian leather and the skills of our artisan tailors we strived to create a superior piece of clothing meeting the high demands of their.

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#TheLawOfTheRed models can also be found in the 2016 RED HOT calendars which are available at www.redhot100.com/shop.html
Ken Bek – @kenbek
Tom Brady – @tommybrady7
Jake Hold – @houseofhold
Grace Gray – @gracegraymua
Emilia Sz – @emiliasmodel

The photoshoot team:
Thomas Knights – photographer (www.thomasknights.com; www.redhot100.com)
Magdalena Dudarska & Frederick Szydlowski – designers (www.thekrag.com)
Alexa Ravina – make-up and hair (www.alexarivaravina.com)
Minna Attala – stylist (www.minnaattala.co.uk)
Caron Boyle – Make up and hair artist assistant
Andrea Ricca – backstage footage
Photo shoot location: Hampshire Street Studio (www.hampshirestreetstudio.com)

www.thekrag.com    www.Instagram.com/thekrag_official    www.fb.com/thekrag      www.twitter.com/hashthekrag

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