This documentary is an absolute MUST SEE: SONITA by Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami (2015)

These days everybody’s talking about feminism, but feminism ain’t only white girls making jokes and Beyoncé talking about empowerment. I love them and unfortunately we need them more than ever, but at least we’re living in a western bubble. There is a whole world different outside of our privileged world, women still have to deal with shit like forced marriages. Young girls are sold so their families can pay the marriage of the son or simply their bills.

Sonita-film-posterAfghanistan is still a country like this, trapped between Taliban, Daesh and old traditions. Sonita is a girl who’s facing this nightmare. She’s a 18 year old refugee living in Tehera, sold for 9000$ to a stranger. But Sonita is also a rapper who fights against this destiny. Trying hard not to be banned by her conservative family for realizing her dreams, she shoots the impressive rap video “Bries for Sale“ about child marriage and the inner conflict she and millions of kids suffer from, puts it on and gets instant fame. She was fifteen years old at this time…

This documentary accompanies her on her hard way and guys: this girl is dope! You gonna love it and her for her ambitions and at least the music!