Thom Browne FW16 – Surrealism

#NewYorkFashionWeek: Thom Browne unveiled his new Fall Winter 2016 women collection on a set – the décor took us to Washington Square circa a century ago – which nearly overshadowed the beautiful clothes he showed. His collection winked at the era of Coco Chanel’s fashion debut by showing bouclé pieces of the original Chanel and took us on a beautiful journey into modernity were uniform looks and suit elements were mixed up into surreal effects. And yes “maybe she had the skirt a little too long!” – Thom Browne. I love to see such complexe patterns being brought together while New York Fashion Week is more known for its very wearable collections.

_BRO0575 _BRO0559 _BRO0533 _BRO0513 _BRO0491 _BRO0477 _BRO0467 _BRO0457 _BRO0439 _BRO0425 _BRO0413 _BRO0391 _BRO0371 _BRO0359 _BRO0347 _BRO0319 _BRO0303 _BRO0289 _BRO0273 _BRO0265 _BRO0251 _BRO0237 _BRO0229 _BRO0219 _BRO0203 _BRO0187 _BRO0169 _BRO0157 _BRO0151 _BRO0131 _BRO0121 _BRO0109 _BRO0077 _BRO0063

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