Through His Eyes

A KALTBLUT exclusive. A Series of portraits, which Marko took with a Hasselblad C500 and a reversal film, in order to create a retro effect and portraying his friend and himself in a intimate and smooth atmosphere. See Marko and Sandro C “Through His Eyes”. 

MarkoDIA3 +
SandroDIA2 +

Marko Cibukovac was born in 1990 in Herford and is now based in Dusseldorf, Germany. He grew up bilingual due to his parents’ origin in Serbia. After graduating in school he has started to study Art and Anglophone Studies in Essen. His passion to photography started in 2010 when he took some portraits of a friend. Before this, Marko used to stand in front a camera as a model. Now he is both – Model and Photographer. Marko’s idols in photography are the English photographer Rankin and the German photographer Ellen Von Unwerth.



Photography: Marko Cib

Models: Marko Cib & Sandro C.