Top 5 Videos Of The Week

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s that time of the week again where we select five of our top videos from the past few days that we think you should see. This week we have OK Go, Peaches, Tim Aminov, Thao & The Get Down Stay Down and Son Lux.

OK Go – Upside Down & Inside Out

By far the best video I’ve seen this week! OK Go take a ride on Russia’s S7 Airlines with zero gravity. And what do you do in zero gravity? Burst paint filled balloons and do aerobics of course.The video was shot in an S7 aircraft east of Moscow with a 60-person crew, and required the band to take 21 trips over three weeks. OK Go rehearsed the elaborate weightless choreography eight times, and the final video was filmed in one take.

Peaches – Free Drink Ticket

Another beauty from our front cover icon Peaches, “Free Drink Ticket” is the sixth video from her album “Rub”. Directed by Sara Sachs we see Peaches stripped down in leather, fighting a pig boa as she sings “I wanna rip you apart with my bare hands.” A dark, gothic side from the singer who bares all about heartbreak and anger. Quite fitting for today for quite a few!

Tim Aminov – One Lone Survivor [Feat. Pete Josef]

Centered on a young boy’s journey through a desolate, apocalyptic Russia, “One Lone Survivor” was directed by Lado Kvataniya, with Andrey Maica acting as DOP. The video also accompanies an EP announcement called “Moment” which was released February 12 via Berlin’s Sonar Kollektiv for which this is the lead track. Super intense short-film video.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down – Astonished Man

Directed by Brook Linder, the video for Thao Nguyen’s The Get Down Stay Down band is pretty, well, gory! But it’s okay, there’s a scene that shows how it’s all seriously fake. It also gives a whole new meaning to the description of a splitting headache.

Son Lux – Undone

Rows and rows of corn fields totally freak me out. I think it was from watching Children of the Corn at a young age. Anyway, here’s a video of someone frantically running through endless corn fields, directed by David Terry Fine which includes flashes of some pretty intense dancing.