Top 5 Videos of the Week

For this Sunday’s videos of the week we present a collection of the releases that have been entertaining us since Monday morning and through the week. From 18+’s retro videotape footage to their latest track ‘Drama’, to Bibi Bourelly’s surreal and dynamic short for new track ‘Sally’, we hope you enjoy the creations that we can’t stop watching.

18+ – ‘Drama’

18+ have released their intimate yet vulnerable video for new single ‘Drama’, a retro take on the Instagramming and filter haze of today’s generation. The self-directed short sees the electronic duo explore the stark reality of relationships through videotape footage. ‘Drama’ is the first single to be taken from their forthcoming album Collect, out May 20th via Houndstooth. This is an explosive return for the duo, with cinematography by Nico Niermann and production by Sina Linke.


Kid Simius – ‘Grapefruit’

This one from Kid Simius and Pari San is a glitchy, space themed DIY short, that sees our electro-protagonist singing lyrics into the camera in his distinctively echoing, light vocals. Decked out in a silver spacesuit, with a latexed, cat eyed Pari San featuring between shots of him rotating in the screen, the video for Grapefruit is weirdly mesmerising while not distracting from the power of the track itself. By Mikala Hyldig and Pari San.


Olga Bell – ‘Randomness’

For this energetic, dance inspired video, rising Russian artist Olga Bell worked alongside renowned director Minister Akins. Olga was originally inspired after watching “Paris Is Burning” and attending Benny Ninja’s infamous vogue class – culminating in a video that lets you lose yourself in the moment. Soraya Lundy was enlisted to star in and choreograph the video, alongside dancers Sun Kim, Rude Mes, Omari Mizrahi and of course Olga herself. The video is released in anticipation of Olga’s forthcoming album “Tempo” on 27th May via One Little Indian.


Michael Zaxxon – ‘My Body Is Dead’

Michael Zaxxon released their 57 seconds long debut single “My Body Is Dead” last week, and this weekend they finished a quite lovely video for the track. It’s based on the classical space-arcade shooter Zaxxon from 1984, in which you control a space fighter. A perfect fit for the Swedish trio’s debut of 80s inspired, synth-led electronica.


Bibi Bourelly – ‘Sally’

Bad gal’ Bibi Bourelly is already making waves internationally, as the songwriting mastermind behind hits like Rihanna’s ‘Bitch Better Have My Money’. Signed to Def Jam Records, the artist is rapidly making a name for herself as a solo artist, and with the release of her dark, and intense video for new track ‘Sally’ this week we can’t wait to see what she’s got instore for us this coming year.