Top 5 Videos of the Week

It’s that time of the week again where we hunt down the best music videos for you to sit back and enjoy! This week we get to watch Lil Silva dealing with the past, Iconique head back to the 80s, Me And My Drummer drift hazily down a beach, MNEK tossing and turning, and IC3PEAK revolt against anti-queer laws.

Lil Silva – ‘De Ja’ feat. Kent Jamz

Speaking about the video, director Matt Halsall says “Being a young and sometimes frustrated filmmaker/writer who spends a lot of time at home, I felt very quickly drawn to the concept of someone stuck in a cycle of deja vu and the nauseating claustrophobia that comes with it – waking up everyday with the same routine, unable to breakthrough and find a way out. Complacency settles in very quickly and you can adjust to your new circumstances without resistance, just regret. One has to dig deep to break out of such cycles of passive existence and monotony.” It gets pretty intense towards the end, you have been warned.

Iconique – ‘Sitting Pretty’

Mega 80s inspired video ‘Sitting Pretty’ comes from LA’s synth-pop trio, Iconique. WIth gorgeously soft lighting, shots reminiscent of Freddie Mercury and flashbacks of pageant queens with feathered hair, this is one impressive blast from the past. I’m having trouble believing that it wasn’t recorded straight onto casette tape. VHS forever!

Me And My Drummer – ‘Gun’

Shot and edited by Sash Seurat Samson, ‘Gun’ is the third single from the band’s recent album, ‘Love Is A Fridge’, taking on more of a melancholic approach and playing with the ideas of weapons, styles and feelings. “Yours, his, hers – who said love was a serious thing? Honey, I don’t only want to break your heart, I want to drown in your ocean, I want to dive into it and I do want your name on my gun”, comments the band.

MNEK – At Night (I Think About You)

After working with Beyoncé on Lemonade’s ‘Hold Up’, MNEK is back with Patrick Killingbeck directed clip with ‘At Night’. Reminiscent of Destiny’s Child ‘Say My Name’, the video is basically a tad more dramatic with some essential just-been-dumped-and-I’m-suffering vogueing. Essentially trying to capture the song’s main message about insomnia, MNEK explains that , “For me, it was to make sure a mix of people from different walks of life were showcased going through the different stages of it. The restlessness, the frustration – the overthinking too!”

IC3PEAK – ‘Go With The Flow’

Moscow-based artists IC3PEAK continue their politically charged vision with their newest installment, and message, for ‘Go With The Flow’. Aimed at the Russian goverment’s anti-queer stance and intolerance, the Nick Kostylev and Nastya Kreslina directed video promotes the message of being whoever the fuck you want to be. And what better way to share than with vogue dancers, embracing their desires and physqiues in the streets of Moscow and São Paulo. “I can be anything you want, go with the flow.”