TRANARCHY – 02.06.22 at RENATE

#SaveTheDate Berlin! DRAG DANCE PARTY – The gender binary violently assigns gender at birth. You don’t need to go along with this. Be transgressive, transformational, and translate. Let’s make our own genders. This is TRANARCHY.

The opening show, multiple dance floors, cosy spaces, live music, fuck club, karaoke.

Come in DRAG- DRessed As Gender. Live your fantasy.

Door policy- No store-bought gender.

Fuck the cistem, pick your own gender. Be true to yourself but be daring, be challenging, and be wild. The event is not trans/queer only, but you will need to present in a way that punks gender in some way to enter. It is not necessarily a costume party but an element of dressing up is required to fit in. Come in DRAG- DRessed As Gender. You don’t need lashes and wigs to be in drag. Drag can be as subtle or extravagant as you want it to be. The difference is intention. Don’t blindly follow the normative script, intentionally dress, decorate your corpse, transmit your being.

The DJ lineup will centre trans, gender non conforming, and femme artists. There will be a drag show to open the night, and performances, live music, and a kink show throughout the rest of the party. The space will be divided up so that different needs can be met in the varied spaces of the club. There will be a sexy side with kinky play, a non-binary bisexual fuck club, and ass shaking music. There will also be a friendly side with cosy spaces, room to stretch, and karaoke. Whether you love techno, pop, house, disco, or reggaeton, you will surely find a bop for you throughout the night.


Alt Stralau 70; Friedrichshain; 10245 Berlin; Germany
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