Triad by Gleb Vinogradov

Gleb Vinogradov is a photographer based in Moscow, Russia. This Fashion story was made with the support from up-and-coming and well-known Russian designers inspired by Triads. Triad is one of many branches of Chinese transnational organised crime syndicates based in countries with significant Chinese populations.

Art Direction, Photography & Production by Gleb Vinogradov /Instagram: @glebvinogradov
Photography assistant Pavel Bogdanov
Instagram: @pb_sb
Style by Zoya Prosekova
Instagram: @zoya_prosekova
Style assistant Yanina Yashunina
Instagram: @yaninayashunina
Make up by Ira Gracheva
Instagram: @grachevaiam
Make up assistant Nadya Donskaya
Instagram: @nadya.d__
Hair by Petya Bogdanov
Instagram: @fashionpeirrebog

Models are Pony / Instagram: @pony.nja,
Rassel / Instagram: @rassel_safin signed at Elimod,
Instagram: @saryuna_tss signed at Linden Staub
Production assistant Merry Safronova
Instagram: @merry_stenford

Fashion Credits
Brands are T3CM, Fakoshima, Kruzhok Moscow, Volchok Moscow, Void Shoes, Zhivopisnaya, Extravaganza Magazine, Berestovaya Maria, Berdyansk Marketplace, Samaris, Uniqlo, Arhomus, Imago Ogami, Ziq & Yoni