Ukrainian brand GIBSH created series of postcards

#MustSee! GIBSH in collaboration with a young artist Vladimir Kovpak created series of postcards dedicated to different holidays and important events in people’s lives. These are absolutely different events – Valentine’s Day, birthday, wedding, Christmas, New Year, Brit Mila, congratulations on new lips, new body, congratulations on Independence Day.

“With this project GIBSH shows its vision of the world,” says the designer of the brand Dima Gibshman, “we wanted to create series of postcards so that people could congratulate each other on any important events in their lives and, of course, did it with a smile. I’m sure everyone will find their favorite postcard and congratulate their friends and family on one of the holidays. All postcards are made in an ironic style. You want to smile looking at it. You feel that the world is very different and all people living in it different too. ”

The postcards hide provocative elements that you can notice looking closely. A lot of the things mentioned in the postcards are forbidden in our society. GIBSH wants to show that the world is much brighter and more interesting than many people think. Fall and spring lookbooks, as well as the lookbook of GIBSH first experimental collection devoted to recycling were used to create the postcards.

art work by Vladimir Kovpak @mymarooneyes

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