“Unbeobachtet” – Solo exhibition by Korean artist Jung Soo Cho at SomoS Berlin

SomoS Arts presents “Unbeobachtet,” – a solo exhibition by Korean interdisciplinary artist Jung Soo Cho, featuring paintings, collages as well as a video installation created during her artist residency at SomoS in the winter of 2021/2022, supported by a grant from the Arts Council Korea – ARKO. 

In her first solo exhibition outside of her home country, South Korean multidisciplinary visual artist Jung Soo Cho subverts the conventions of pictorial space in her disruptive but sensitive interpretations of overlooked everyday motifs.

WHAT: “Unbeobachtet” – Solo exhibition by Korean artist Jung Soo Cho (1996)

WHEN: January 18 – 22, 2022, Tuesday – Saturday, 14h – 19h, free entry

WHERE: SomoS, Kottbusser Damm 95, 1.0G, 10967 Berlin (U8 – Schönleinstraße) www.somos-arts.org

Layering memories and fleeting impressions in fragile superimpositions, Cho intuitively draws poetics from observations of everyday life. Picturing the “overlooked or unconsciously avoided,” her ethereal work expresses a state of mindfulness and keen observation that permeates any medium she uses. A string of small daily epiphanies is captured and shared by the artist, inviting us to engage with our own surroundings more intensively.

Hae Me Jang, visual artist and gallery owner of Oksang Factory Seoul, observes the uncanny and fleeting nature of her work: “Cho Jung Soo’s work begins in her own periphery. Its scope varies from her studio, to her home, neighborhood, or to a place where she might stay for a while. The artist presents paintings that depict scenes by using different materials and approaches according to her sense and emotion. In her paintings, even though it is a known space, it feels unfamiliar, and even though it is an unknown place, a sense of unity is felt.” Noting the sense of three-dimensionality that Cho’s compositions, colors, and patterns provide, Hae Me Jang also points out how her work can be appreciated differently in each encounter: “The artist’s work is a superposition of layers that are not defined in any dictionary, such as the frame of mind differs from the weather, the scenes she beholds,” Hae concludes.

A uniting theme in Cho’s exhibition is her exploration of negative space. The play of presence and absence, foreground and background can be found in her performance-based video installation that merges analog and digital techniques, as well as in her paintings, where the inventive interplay of shapes confounds our expectations of pictorial space.

Read more about “Unbeobachtet” at SomoS: www.somos-arts.org

About Jung Soo Cho: Jung Soo Cho graduated in Fine Arts at Dongguk University in Seoul in 2020. During these studies, she was selected in 2019 for the International Exchange Program at Northern State University, South Dakota, USA. She had her first solo exhibition in 2020, The shape of Quarter, at Oksang Factory, in Seoul, South Korea; followed by Kitchen/Space, at Space Pado in 2020. Group exhibition participation includes “The Tree may be someone we know,” at The Lounge Masil at Dongguk University Library, (2019), and Sewoon Portrait (Spacemakers 2018 Re-establishing Project), Spaceba421, both in Seoul. In 2018, Jung Soo received the Gold Prize at the 2018 Bangkok Thailand International Intellectual Property Exhibition with Lightning Object in Shapes of Seoul Land Marks (awarded as a team, participated as art director). In 2020, she took part in the virtual exhibition “Together Through Painting”, organized by the London Paint Club. In 2020, The Viewers magazine published the review “Expressing Personal Experiences through Art Works – Jung Soo Cho Solo Exhibition.”