Unicorn Mugs – So We Can All Have More Peace & Love With Our Morning Coffee

Wake up with Kathy Weller and her Unicorn Mugs. She is an artist and writer. “In my line of work, I’m often creating custom art for others. I began looking to create my own line of product that really expresses my own personal attitude, sense of humor, and life philosophies. Mugs have really proven to be the perfect canvas for my innermost thoughts and self-expression! This group of designs is centered around the magical unicorn. I think unicorns can bring us ALL together! They have positive powers of peace and love, and the world needs more of that NOW more than EVER. (And… heck yeah! They do exist! To create my designs, I sketch my ideas out on paper first. Then, I either scan the pencil sketch, or I take a picture with my phone. Then I illustrate in Photoshop. Happy unicorn dreams.”

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