untitlab™ Spring/Summer 2020

#Campaign – Shanghai-based brand untitlab™ unveiled its Spring/Summer 2020 collection. Photography by Tian Cai and styled by Sans Peng.

untitlab™ is a creative platform dedicated to footwear and fashion accessories. With a core design concept drawn from our founder’s background and sensibilities, we focus on the intermediate stages of the creative process, erasing borders and achieving an organic unity by experimenting with materials and silhouette.

untitlab™ takes its name from artists unable to give a title to their works. By providing an opportunity to showcase development, we invite the public to actively participate in establishing individual scenarios for use.

On the consumer-facing end, untitlab™ is dedicated to providing an organic and versatile usage reference through design practice.

Model: Weihong Xu.
Assistants: Chole, Louisa, Molly.