Urban Warrior by No Fixed Abode

EXCLUSIVE FASHION FILM PREMIERE! We are hosting today the premiere of the brand new fashion film “Urban Warrior” by No Fixed Abode. Founded in 2013 the brand is heavily influenced by the London scene: from the everyday eccentricities of the people, to the British punk and hip-hop scenes. By championing emerging music talent, the brand is sure to set itself apart from the rest and the designer pieces can be spotted on the best of London’s new talent. Video by Asylum 33. Dancers are Malcolm Harriott, Keanu Wilson and Thierno Bah. Music ‘The Vibe’ by Tinyman. 


ABOUT THE VIDEO: With ‘Individual Anarchism’ at the heart of the brand three break dancers and a skeleton camera crew took to the streets of central London to stir excitement and create chaos. Guided by the electric energy of Christmas in Central London and the city’s bright lights the crew of breakers clad in NO FIXED ABODE danced to the unorthodox style and contagious delivery of lyrics from TINYMAN. The up and coming Londoner, is also the founder of creative movement ‘ORPHGANG’ and sees the collective as a representation of his desire to connect with others and reinvent how the world views creativity. TINYMAN prides himself in being an individual who embraces musical diversity, poetry, the art within music and all elements that contribute to creative culture.
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ABOUT THE COLLECTION: ‘Urban Warrior’ is the second collection from London-based luxury streetwear label ‘NO FIXED ABODE’. Unveiled at London Fashion Week’s Emerging Designers show by Fashion’s Finest 2014, the collection features both Men’s and Womenswear garments all handmade in London with top quality materials. Each limited edition garment pushes the boundaries of streetwear to new territories. The ‘Urban Warrior’ collection is inspired by the fierce modern ‘jungles’ where urban music & culture fights to survive and thrive. Using two-tone Camouflage and denim fabrics to create a ready- for-combat look, the bright yellow highlights show the confidence of the NO FIXED ABODE wearer as someone who isn’t afraid to stand out.

Credits & Contact:

Video: by Asylum 33 – www.asylum33.com
Dancers:  Malcolm Harriott, Keanu Wilson, Thierno Bah
Music – ‘The Vibe’ by Tinyman www.tinymanmusic.com / @Facebook