UY presents: US – Power, Freedom and Unity.

KALTBLUT Magazine presents the new and amazing campaign: UY presents: US – Power, Freedom and Unity! Berlin stereotypes and subcultures, extreme and different, connect together on the city’s playgrounds. Photography by Fredrik Altinell. Polaroid Photography by Shira Kela. Styled by Halla Frahat and Ash Esfarani. Videos by Shira Kela. Sound by Arielle Esther. Web by Claudio Brandolino!


Founded in 2013 the Berlin based fashion label and art collective UY outlines no aesthetic division between him and her, and are not labeled according to season, time or gender. The handmade items have a minimalistic silhouette, original cuts and unchanging tone of color.

UY-US-3 copy_mini

UY communicates in a strong, dramatic and unexpected language. Using natural fibers and fabrics, buying it from local markets is UY’s statement towards mass production and it’s aftermaths. The art collective allows the brand to explore all the creative fields such as fashion, art, photography and home décor, with the main goal of making contemporary individuals a part of the UY experience.

UY-US-2 copy_mini

Backstage polaroids:

Polaroid 1 +
Polaroid 2 +
Polaroid 3 +
Polaroid 4 +
Polaroid 5 +
Polaroid 6 +
Polaroid 7 +
Polaroid 8 +
Polaroid 9+
Polaroid 10 +
Polaroid 11 +
Polaroid 12


Photography by Fredrik Altinell
Polaroid Photography by Shira Kela
Styled by Halla Frahat and Ash Esfarani
Videos by Shira Kela
Sound by Arielle Esther
Web by Claudio Brandolino

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