Veronique Branquinho Pre-Fall 2016

Imagine a forest. A winter forest. Dark and romantic. Between the mysterious black trees walks a woman. Bare tree branches cast their black flock printed shadows on ivory coats and dresses. Voluminous coats in straightforward shapes, inspired by warm woolen blankets, are finished with a velvet ribbon reminiscent of traditional blankets. Soft and warm winter wools, in blown up classical weave patterns such as herringbone, houndstooth and prince of wales check bring comfort and tender protection. Contrasting black and ivory define the base of the color-card. Red and camel bring warmth to the restrained palette. Floor length delicate dresses with pleats, pin-tucks and lace bring a fragile feminine aspect to the collection – providing a contrast to the blanket coats. Below the knee length pleated skirts and dresses reveal high-heeled elegant leather boots. Straight-tailored trousers reveal the square nose of a mid heel moccasin. A play between control and looseness, severeness and easiness takes place on dresses and blouses. Lighthearted prints with stylized Siamese cats are introduced on silks and pleated garments, occasionally combined with contrasting delicate cotton lace. A beautiful line between fantasy and reality with surreal elements.

VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Group 2 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 34+35 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 33 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 31+32 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 29+30 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 28 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 26+27 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 25 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 23+24 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 21+22 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 19+20 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 18 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 16+17 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 15 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 13+14 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 12 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 11 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 10 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 9 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 8B VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 8A VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 7 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 5+6 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 3+4 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 2 VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 1B VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Look 1A VeroniqueBranquinho_PreFall2016_©RonaldStoops_Group 3

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