Video Premiere: Jawjaw – ‘Worse Than It Seems’

Having been ensconced in the studio working on his forthcoming debut album due later this year, London based avant-electronic artist, producer and songwriter, Jawjaw (Andrew Harvey-Gannon) pre-empts the release with a brand new track ‘Worse Than It Seems’, featuring London-based artist, Tailor, on vocals, and is accompanied by an Indiefest-winning; Berlin MVA-nominated short film. The film follows a young woman who discovers a grotesque third eye growing on her forehead. When she finally has to venture beyond the safety of her home and face the outside world she is met with extreme prejudice. ‘Worse Than It Seems’ is an unconventional and disquieting romance exploring themes of otherness, bigotry, love and acceptance.

We started writing the script for Worse Than It Seems as a simple “what if” story of a girl acquiring a third eye, but the shitty worldwide headlines – the weird normalising of bigotry and misogyny – invaded our consciousness and ultimately the narrative of the film.

While producing, mixing and remixing artists such as Giggs, Zebra Katz, Darq E Freaker and Mr Hudson, as well as scoring for a feature film, London-based composer and visual artist, Andrew Harvey-Gannon, has evolved Jawjaw as a collaborative music, film and art project.

Working with inspirational music artists, including Lotti from Haelos, Plested, Ofei and Matt Woods and award-winning film creatives, including director, Ian Roderick Gray, and visual effects artists from Wonder Woman, Black Mirror and Alien: Covenant, Jawjaw has generated a unique body of work.


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