Video World Premiere: Tokio Hotel – Something New

Today marks the day of SOMETHING NEW! One of Germany’s most successful bands in music history TOKIO HOTEL are back with a brand new video and the fifth studio album DREAM MACHINE. We have the opening single and video SOMETHING NEW for you! A KALTBLUT world premiere exclusive. #SomethingNew proves that Tokio Hotel has succeeded again and again after more than a decade in the international music business, 70 platinum, 160 gold editions, more than 110 international and national prizes, and over 7 million albums sold. In the video we can see Bill waking up alone in a desert singing “My world isn’t pretty – I’ve seen the best of it – I got the best of you – Pick me up, pick me up”. Surrounded by the hypnotic sound of the new single. The video is directed by Kris Moyes. Photos by Lado Alexi Have a look yourself.


When we did the album, I was always worried about living our life backwards. To the question of whether you have already felt everything, everything has happened, everything has reached your career, whether you can still feel something new and, above all, whether we are able to change our world and create something new. We’ve gone back to our roots as far as work is concerned – Tom and I have written and produced all the songs. It was important for us to make only the music that feels like us – and for that we completely changed perspective.

  • Bill Kaulitz

In September 2016, Tokio Hotel published the tour dates of their new world tour “Dream Machine”, which will begin on March 12, 2017 in London. But the new album of the German electro-indie-quartet was the best-kept secret of the music industry. Until now, this is the fifth studio album by Bill and Tom Kaulitz, Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing, which will be released on 03.03.2017.

With the pre-order of “Dream Machine” you get the album track “Something New”, which with its epochal sound world from analog synths and wide soundscapes delivered an impressing pre-taste to the new sound world of the band.

We high as fuck nowhere to be
No second chance in this galaxy
It could be you it could be me
So let us be
You and I

What if I would love you till the end?

“Dream Machine” is anything but a risk to play the music career of Tokio Hotel backwards, but is the new sound milestone in its history. Our favourite tracks are: Something New, Boy don´t cry and As Young As We Are.

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What if – 2017 will be the best Tokio Hotel year ever?! Our new album Dream Machine is set for release on March 3rd and our tour will start on March 12th. This is an exciting year for us and we are lucky having you guys with us!


Photos by Lado Alexi