WAX by HEX Clothing – F/W 16-17 Campaign

“EMBRACE THE ELEMENTS” – WAX by HEX Clothing is a winter capsule collection inspired by 17th century mariners who lined their cotton sails with wax, to make them more resistant to stormy weather and brutal waves on their ocean voyages. The six pieces consist of heavy winter jackets, protective linen shirts, waxed cotton trousers and a hand-painted canvas utility bag. Models are Alex @Marlene Model Agency and Juan @Blow Models Management. Photography by Pedro Ortiz.



The year is 1617. Waves crashed against the rock, winds beat against the wax-lined sail. Rains fall, staining my skin. We hold on, oceans churning beneath us. The Elements are here.

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Photography: Pedro Ortiz
Creative Direction, Concept and Direction:  Will McGrath
Art Direction: Bruno Gabriel, Esther Miquel
Editing: Bruno Gabriel, Will McGrath, Yago Hunt-Laudi
Fashion Design Team: Adrian Varea, Andrea Morales, Cristina Moro, David Mingorance, Marc Vela, Will McGrath
Styling: Adrian Varea, Will McGrath
Make Up: Cristina Moro
Models: Alex | Marlene Model Agency and Juan | Blow Models Management

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