WeDú by Coréon Dú Spring / Summer 2018 #LookBook

A breath of new streetwear fashion from Angola! Trendy jackets and trousers in waterproof material, enriched by elastic and laminated inserts. Total-look metal foil foam effect for those who do not want to go unnoticed. This is the new WeDú by Coréon Dú Spring / Summer 2018 collection. The label was developed by Coréon Dú, a multilingual Angolan artist, producer, and creative director. Best known for his work that combines the comfort of sportswear and a fusion concept. WeDú celebrates the individuals’ style. Drawing inspirations from his Angolan roots, Coréan Dú exhibits his own individuality within this collection. Created with the vision and purpose to embrace values such as originality and creativity, Coréon Du perfectly encapsulates just that in this collection. With comfort and fusion being forefront, the diversity and depth of African culture can be seen throughout.

Considered by Forbes to be one of the 15 Young Creatives Rebranding Africa, Coréon Dú has been leaving his footprint in the creative world. Coréon’s designs, which ascend from his home country of Angola, are gaining international notice and slowly reaching a wider global audience. The unisex brand is garnering the attention of major fashion media outlets. This has led to partnerships, such as a brand presentation during Nylon Magazine’s New York Fashion Week party during Spring/Summer 2016 edition. WeDú was also featured in publications such as WAD, Schon, Elle South Africa, Brunch Magazine, Vulkan and many others.