WENDY JIM Spring/ Summer 2017 – “No One Likes Us”

Berlin Fashion Week! Helga Ruthner and Hermann Fankhauser alias WENDY JIM from Vienna presented their Spring/Summer 2017 collection at the Galerie Crone, next to the Checkpoint Charlie. The installation “No one like us” is a big fuck you to all the people who think Instagram fame is real. Who think that being at a fashion show, is as important as the show. Nothing you see on a picture must be real, or as important as social media wants you to believe. It was divided into two rooms. The first room I went into, was completely dark. Only one skater in red lack outfit on an flying lightened carpet and an illuminated sleeping beauty, floating over her bed. That felt very magical and modern at the same time. The second room was flooded in Berlin summer light. Floating and standing beauties all over the place! As I overheared someone in the audience saying: “that was very helmutlangish! I love it! Finally fashion again!” Nothing more to add from my side! Photos by Lukas Gansterer.

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