Ticket Giveaway: What the France Festival 2019 with M.I.L.K., Buvette & Suzane

We’ve teamed up with FluxFM to present the 6th edition of the What the France Festival on Thursday 28th November 2019! An exciting line-up of three “made in France” acts will take the stage at FluxBau on this evening: the songwriter and producer M.I.L.K. with his summery, groovy retro-pop, Buvette with his cosmic electro-synth-pop, and Suzane, a free-spirited singer navigating between chanson and electro. On the show day, the three acts will also be on air at FluxFM between 15.00-16.00 for an interview and a live session. No tickets will be sold for the What the France Festival. Fans can get tickets through the giveaway on What the France or through emailing us at win@kaltblut-magazine.com. Don’t forget to let us know who you’re most excited to see!


One should never underestimate the effects of boredom on sparking pop careers. Take Emil Wilk, the curl-coiffed songwriter-producer behind M.I.L.K. He grew up in the outskirts of Denmark in Bornholm, on a tiny volcanic isle known as the sunshine island of Scandinavia, lost in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

In his late teens M.I.L.K. left for Copenhagen where he first discovered culture: “I fell in love with a refined and disciplined ballet dancer and I realised I was a regular-Joe from the countryside. This realisation triggered an undeniable compulsion to educate myself. I immersed myself in books and romanticised French poets and inspired by these greats I began writing poems and novels. I was a sponge soaking up culture.” 

Here may lie an explanation for M.I.L.K.’s distinctive style and constant need to write songs and create visual projects: he came of age as a blank page, built himself and created his own taste, with the freedom and energy of a self-taught man. Steeped in Copenhagen’s cultural scene, M.I.L.K. found his way as a filmmaker and earned a living directing documentaries, children’s television, commercials and music videos. He carried on writing on the side until his friends, Søren Christensen and Mads Kristiansen (Reptile Youth) and MØ-collaborator Goss, took him under their wing and taught him how to write songs. 

With two EPs released to date, M.I.L.K. has already achieved over 15M Global Streams and received support from international tastemakers including NME, CLASH, Hype Machine, Inrocks and NOWNESS to name a few.


Following the ambitious display of versatility that was 2016’s Elasticity, Buvette returns to Pan European Recording from a place of minimalism, as a young Swiss thirty-something with a knack for living his most curiosity-inspiring encounters to the very fullest.

Buvette is hungry to share – be it his first record shop, his childhood friends with whom he started his first band or, most recently, Arthur Peschaud, the good-willed head of Pan European Recording. And so, through his collaboration with producer Apollo Noir, one of the most recent revelations to come through indie label Tigersushi, Buvette has shone a new light on his project. Both started out drumming in basements as members of teenage bands while constructing their own empiric musical references. One out on French Lac Léman, the other in the Auvergne region. And both with a will to bend time with dreamy liberty. 

In this four-handed effort, Buvette brings his melodic structure and lyrics to the table with extensive reworking provided by Apollo Noir and his analog equipment. To Buvette, this is equivalent to “giving the songs a new body, bringing them to life in a new form”. A deliberate step away from computerized automation, the ensuing mistakes crystalize their own unique beauty. Here Apollo Noir and Buvette let go, allowing themselves to explore the possibility of an almost brother-like bond of trust, the open door to a dialog of rhythms, formats and moods balancing pop with cosmic syntheses. A lens wide open at an unknown resolution. 

March 2019’s EP “Life” was like a veil over the sculpture of what will eventually become the new album, planned for release next year. New single & video “True Stories” offers a first pretaste. Buvette is settling into his own continuum, stretching time for all eternity and subliming all space in the process.



Suzane describes herself as a narrator of true stories against the background of electronic soundscapes. She uses not only words as means of expression, but also her own body. As a free electron buzzing around in the new electro-chanson scene, Suzane suppresses the obvious and sings about who we really are. With only 3 released tracks, Suzane has already collected more than 5 million streams and played more than 90 shows, including some at the biggest French festivals (Solidays, Francofolies de la Rochelle), tours in Japan and China and support slots for Thérapie Taxi, L’or du Commun and Feder. 

While practicing classical dance for fifteen years at the Conservatory, Suzane became passionate about chanson (Brel, Piaf, Barbara…). Until the day she left everything behind. Angry at the regulations, blind discipline and personal sacrifices imposed on the dancers at this high level, she stopped dancing and took a job as a waitress. She discovered the world of nightlife, clubs and electronic music. That was a revelation for her. At this moment her artistic project took shape: Suzane became an electro-artist. Dance – unstructured and far removed from what she had learned at the conservatory – is the central element, but Suzane does not neglect her love for words either. Her job as a waitress proves to be a pure source of inspiration: her guests become actors who unwittingly feed her prose. Everyday stories, people, people, people. 

Suzane’s songs show the point of view of a young woman of today, in a time of dizzying addictions and black screens, doubts and hopes. They are moving and vivid. Her music doesn’t need any special effects to pierce the listener straight to the heart. There is often a beat, drops, certain moods that overlap and mix together. And then there are words. Suzane wants to experiment, feel, share, compose, risk, move, just be herself, even if it means becoming someone else, for the duration of a song, a concert, a vision. 

On stage and in her video clips she wears this strange blue suit. Is it her superhero outfit? “Back when I was dancing, I was always used to wearing a costume. It’s a kind of thought trick: whenever I go on stage, I’m dressed differently than in everyday life. My dancing also has a certain combat dance element. My father is a martial arts lover, we used to watch Bruce Lee movies together and I was always inspired by his yellow suit, the one from “The Fury of the Dragon”. So whenever I wear my suit, I become Suzane…And Suzane allows me to be myself while simultaneously being someone else,” Suzane explains. 

Her self-titled EP, released in April 2019, is the flagship of her universe. With her music, Suzan captures snapshots of life. “I’ve always loved words. My music is what I see, what I perceive,” she confesses. Whether melancholic or ironic, gloomy or cheerful, personal or universal, catchy or pointed, – Suzane’s songs cannot be placed into a single genre drawer and remain in the listener’s heads. 


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What? What The France Festival 2019
Where? FluxBau, Pfuelstr. 5, 10997 Berlin
When? Thursday, 28.11.2019 8pm: Doors
Tickets: win@kaltblut-magazine.com