WUT SS17 Fashion Presentation

The Tokyo based WUT Select Shop SS17 Presentation show features selected collections from Berlin based designers ANNTIAN, HUI-HUI, STARSTYLING, TATA CHRISTIANE and VLADIMIR KARALEEV. WUT is one of our favourite stores when it comes to indie fashion. Thats why WUT is nominated the second annual FASHION NET Awards: INDIE RETAILER OF THE YEAR

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“We didn’t do a fashion show for the store since AW14, cause I didn’t believe anymore in the necessity of runways…  But, this season, I had a kind of “Back To The Roots” feeling. I saw the SS17 collections from our designers and immediately felt that some of them went back to their style from many seasons ago… So, “Back To The Roots” it was!  I decided to do a fashion show again, this time during the Tokyo Fashion Week! But, more like a presentation inside of the shop with a Live photo shooting. 140 people came! (and our store is not that big )

I think that the way a buyer makes a selection for his store, mixing different brands to create his own story, is the same way as a designer conceptualize a single collection. That’s why I think a select shop as equal reasons as a designer to do a runway presentation to deliver its message.” says YANN LE GOEC – Director/Buyer

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WUT S/S 17 Fashion Presentation 
STYLING BY: Yann Le Goec @ WUT
PHOTOS BY: Gael Delhaye @ PINX.management
HAIR BY: Maison Marianne
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