XANDER ZHOU Spring/Summer 2020

#LFWMEN – After his highly acclaimed AW19 collection, Xander Zhou continues down the road of weird and wonderful, turning to meditation for SS20, exploring another reoccurring theme at LFWMs this season, the question of what happens we-we inevitably kick the bucket… or to be more precise what happens to our consciousness when our physical body is no longer?

Artificial Intelligence anyone? Incorporated herein “Transcendence” via a virtual visual of a catwalk as the audience sat cross-legged meditating opposite wearing Xander Zhou branded nylon skirts. Throw in some incense and some soothing acoustics and we have ourselves an official menswear retreat.

Key elements of uniformity and equality were addressed as Zhou found similarities across all cultures in the form of religious, spiritual and ceremonial garments. Mainly robes and skirts, aka gender fluid overload again. I say again because literally, everyone has jumped on board the gender fluid train for SS20, but at least Zhou has made it his own in a distinctive and conceptual manner.

A nice conclusive end to Zhou’s narrative of the human form from his previous collections, a sombre end nonetheless as the corporeal becomes non-corporeal witnessed here by both physical and CGI models shown side by side.

We’re here for the evolution of man and intriguing AI elements, but perhaps more references in the clothing themselves would tie this together in a more impressive way, we got a lot of looks and a lot of variation across them but is this cohesion or complete chaos? Perhaps this was intentional, the complexity within reality. That being said, Xander Zhou, as always, was definitely a standout and as to be expected we’re hooked to see what the direction he takes for his next journey. Namaste bitches.

HAIR: Kiyoko Odo
MAKE-UP: Nami Yoshida
CASTING: Madeleine Ostile