XIMONLEE Spring/Summer 2017

#LCM! New York based designer XIMONLEE unveiled an amazing new SS17 menswear collection at London Collections Men! ‘HARD’ collection explored how bodies can be covered and concealed, and how our preconceptions of what is hard, can actually be easily broken. The items are oversized – love the simplicity of the collection. Love the color line. A MustWear collection! 

XIMONLEE_ss17_fy4 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy2 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy1 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy29 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy28 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy27 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy26 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy25 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy24 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy23 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy22 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy21 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy20 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy19 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy18 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy17 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy16 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy15 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy14 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy13 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy12 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy11 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy10 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy9 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy8 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy7 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy6 XIMONLEE_ss17_fy5