ZWYRD S/S 2015

FashionPhilosophy Fashion Week Poland – OFF Out Of Schedule. May I introduce you to my favourite fashion label from Poland?! ZWYRD!! And I am in love with Grzegorz Marcisz spring-summer collection for 2015. It was his second time at the fashion festival in Lodz. His second collection and for the first time he also presented womenswear. Grzegorz is one of the most talented and lovely designers I have ever met. I love the shape of his designs. The print are all made by himself. I see a bright future for ZWYRD. All photos by Mike Van Der Ent Pasarella


Grzegorz Marcisz took up design because of the intolerance which exists in Poland for otherness. The “Self Destruct” collection depicts self-destruction with regard to the mind power of an individual person, and the general destruction of the world by humans. Shades of grey, silver, brown, black, cobalt and multi-coloured prints are the colour scheme of the collection based on polyester, polyamide, knitwear and leather. Love it! And I am very proud of my friend Grzegorz Marcisz.

ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_011 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_010 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_009 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_008 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_007 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_006 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_005 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_004 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_003 +
ZWYRD_Pasarella_PFWSS15_002 +


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all photos by Mike Van Der Ent Pasarella

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