A KALTBLUT exclusive fashion editorial. Photography by Audrey Wnent. Models are Laure B signed to Enjoy Models Paris and Andy Wang. Styled by Ghislain Brownkossi using fashion by Miaomiao Chen. Hair and make up by Benoit Claverie. Audrey Wnent was born in 1982 in Paris and is franco-german. She studied Art in the Art School of Reuil Malmaison and passed the Exam of DNAP and then a Master in Visual Communication. She has a real passion for photography, and she succeeded in shooting and earned her Degree from the Gobelin School in Paris. After several years as an assistant with different photographs, she has worked as a portrait and fashion photograph and is still working free lance for some magazines, fashion designers and different firms. Her professional training allows her to combine her two passions, plastic art and contemporary photography thanks to her personal and professional work. She plays with a dreamy universe and can highlight fashion in a very personal and phantasmagorical world.

For this project we have worked in a team with the stylist Ghislain Brownkossi who has been working for years in the fashion world as a stylist and picture adviser and designer and with the make-up artist Benoit Claverie who works with famous fashion magazines. We have been working for years together for personal achievements orders.

*Audrey Wnent


Photography by Audrey Wnent / / @audreywnent

Stylist by Ghislain Brownkossi / / @brown.kossi

Make-up artist by Benoit Claverie / @claveriebenoit

Model is Laure B / Enjoy Models Paris / / @lauree_br

and Andy Wang / / @wqxcm

Wardrobe by Miaomiao Chen / @miaomiaochen61


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